TZP-27 Atlant

Universal sliding semi-trailers Atlant: 

  • TZP-27 capacity 19 t, volume 30 m3

Full weight, kg

27 000

Self weight, kg

8 000

Capacity, kg

19 000

Volume, m3

27 m3 for grain

30 mfor silage

Body with side board: length, mm 7 050
                                    width, mm 2 300
                                    height, mm 1 950
Dimensions: length, mm 9 070
                     width, mm 2 694 
                     height, mm  3 431
 Tires 560/60 R 22,5
650/55 R 26,5
710/50 R 26.5 
Oil needed, liters 65
Tractor power needed, h.p. 220-250
Axles, pcs. 2
Universal sliding trailer TZP is unique special trailer constructed as 3 different trailers in 1 machine. It can be tractor trailer for transportation different purposes with pushing unloading, reloading trailer, manure spreader.
This trailer have a lot of advantages before other trailers, for example TZP trailer will never turn over with pushing unloading mechanism (After opening back board, pushing mechanism with hydraulic cylinder starts to pushing front wall with half of bottom and all contant to the back part of trailer. When front wall reaches center of the trailer, second hydraulic cylinder start to pushing only the front wall to the end of trailer). Every farmer with storages can feel the problem of unloading content from trailers with tipper mechanism, and TZP trailer can help you with this easely, you can unload whole 32 m3 or even 45 m3 (depends on model) with roofs not more then 4.4 meters. Pushing mechanism can press silage so trailer can be loaded more up to 30-50%.
TZP trailer can be easely transformed to manure spreader. Manure spreader mechanism installed instead back board and driven by tractor P.T.O. with 540 rp/m. Manure spreader mechanism equiped with special defence system - torsion, that shuts off filling the oil to spreaders at peak loads. Width of spreading is more then 18 meters.
"ATLANT" trailer also can be equiped with realoading auger (520 mm diameter) with productivity 6tons per minute.
With all this, buying only one TZP "ATLANT" we become an owner of 3 different trailers it is deffinetly profitably for every person.


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