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The company KOBZARENKO Sp. z o.o. while its activity started on 27/03/2013. Initially, the activity concerned only the sale of machines for the broadly understood agricultural sector. In 2015, seeing the huge market demand for innovative machines for agriculture, she started research and development works in the field of their construction. The results achieved were so satisfying that in 2017 decisions were made to build a production plant located in Żłobnica, Kleszczów commune. In the years 2018-2020, significant financial expenses were incurred for the construction of a production hall and a technologically advanced machine park. These activities had a significant impact on the present shape and image of the company. We quickly realized that we should control as many production processes as possible in order to take care of the quality of the product, meet the delivery dates, and thus be a competitive company on global markets. Currently, the company in a newly built plant in Żłobnica, ul. Milenijna 2, Kleszczów commune, starting the production of agricultural machinery (trailers with a sliding wall, mobile devices for unloading wagons). Still (but soon) the main revenues from the activity are the sale of machinery, equipment and goods for broadly understood agriculture, their operation and service. The plant's offer today includes about 40 types of machines and devices of various sizes and capacities; with an advanced level in terms of technology, technology and aesthetics, environmentally friendly. The devices on offer today are the following product groups:
- tractor trailers
- trailers with a sliding wall
- transhipment containers
- equipment for transporting bales
- fertilizer cisterns
- grain packing equipment
- silage equipment
- fertilizer spreaders
- screw feeders

The company sells machinery and equipment on the basis of direct payment or contract.

We work with many distribution companies in Poland and other EU countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Sweden.


November 2018, we start construction

March 2019. The foundation is ready

May 2019. Steel structure for building

December 2019. Assembly of the shot blasting plant and paint chamber.

Ready floor, ready hall. We can start work!

Assembly of a 3D plasma cutter with a 12-meter jigsaw

March 2021. Production at full speed


Milenijna 2
97-410 Żłobnica

Dział handlowy: +48 519 826 528
Dział handlowy: +48 503 776 010
Zaopatrzenie: +48 512 305 024
Administracja, księgowość: 
+48 504 427 150, +48 519 079 443
Kadry: +48 573 976 357