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Warranty service of Kobzarenko Sp. z.o.o

Kobzarenko Sp. z o.o. not only produces agricultural machinery, but also provides qualified service for each order. The equipment is accompanied by warranty and service engineers who carry out commissioning works directly on the farm, and provide advice and selection of spare parts throughout the entire period of use. Departure to the farm takes place as soon as possible - 24/7. We supply 100% of spare parts for all our devices, over 2,000 item is in stock at all times.

Principles of operation of the maintenance service:

  • Developing network of service centers and dealers in Poland and other countries of the world
  • Services of qualified and experienced engineers
  • Repair workshops with modern service equipment
  • Fast and timely service support
  • Service of cars and equipment for diagnostics and repair "in the field"

Reliability, speed and professionalism are the basic principles of our service



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