Self-loading bale semi-trailer

Self-loading bale semi-trailer PT-18

Self-loading trailer with hydraulic grip picks up bales loading them on itself. Then the front wall that is driven by a hydraulic motor and chain drive moves them back. Unloading is also performed automatically due to the movable front wall that pushes all the bales down.

It loads, unloads and transports bales itself without any other additional loaders and vehicles, due to that it saves time and money.



Quantity of bales pcs.


Diameter/size of bale, m 1.2 - 1.5

Capacity, kg   - grab


                       - platform (depends on tires)

6000 / 7000

Weight, kg:     - self (depends on tires)

2 500
                       - full                  8500 / 9500

Dimensions, mm:  - length

10 140
                              - width (depends on tires and bale)                  2830 / 3000
                             - height (depends on tires and bale)                3920 / 4000
Axles, pcs. 1
Tires size



Tractor power, h.p. 80

Basic equipment:

  • braking system pneumatic (one or two contoured), hydraulic;
  • axles ADR (Italy);
  • hydraulic motor WR-160 (Danfos license);
  • mechanical drawbar support;
  • hydraulic grip for loading the bales.

The universal hydraulic paw on the go unfolds the roll and loads on the platform

The feature of the baler trailer PT-18 is a specialized system equipped with transport rollers - meaning that bales are collected from the field without the need to stop during field work.
The advantage of this model is the telescopic pickup arm, which allows loading of the third row of bales, saving trips between the field and the farm, transporting 18 bales in one go. PT-18 has a rear hydraulic locking roller to prevent bales from rolling off the platform during loading and transport from the field to the storage location. Only one operator is needed to operate the self-loading trailer PT-18.
Minimum tractor power required - 80 HP.


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