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Ground chaser bin

Ground chaser bin BNP-3 on the loading of the wagon

Ground chaser bin BNP-3 on the loading of the wagon parallel to the wagon

A horizontal auger located at the bottom of the machine's hopper feeds the grain to a vertical auger, which transfers it to another means of transportation – an agricultural trailer or transport trailer. The auger spirals are made of a special type of steel used in their production at the Italian factory. Before assembly, they are centered and properly balanced, ensuring that the grain theoretically remains undamaged. The conveying and unloading augers are powered by a suitable shaft receiving power from the tractor at 540 rpm or by an electric motor with a 380 V power supply using the same method.

Characteristics BNP-3 BNP-3/Е
Auger diameter, mm 500 500
Productivity, t/h 260 260
Height of unloading, mm 5 500 5 500
Hopper volume, m3  2,9 2,9
Hopper: length, mm 3 000 3 000
                  width, mm 2 125 2 125
                  height, mm 860 860
Unloading from a car parallel to the wagon
Driven from tractor’s cardan shaft (PTO) Electric motor 37 kW 
+ tractor’s cardan shaft
Power of tractor needed, H.P. 80 80

The BNP-3 ground reloader is designed for loading wagons or simply reloading agricultural machinery products into a car.
Constructive innovation is the presence of drawbar and turning wheels for transportation along the track.
The bunker has two directions of movement:

  1. transport, the size of 2.5 m on the roads;
  2. working, envelope along the path 4.5m.

The modification of the mentioned agricultural machine BNP-3 allows for receiving grain from tipper trailers or trailers specially designed for grain transport.

Grain damage percentage: 1%.


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