Chaser bin - the reloading store bunker

Chaser bin - the reloading store bunker

The reloading trailer PBN-20/2

Grain reloading trailer consist of one of the best EU parts, for example: Italian suspension (ADR firm), Polish discs (Pronar) with BKT, Mitas tires. All reducers and cardan shafts are Italian (Bondioli and Pavesi).

Technical characteristics


Full weight, kg

20 500

Trailer weight, kg

5 800

Load-carrying capacity, kg

14 700

Sizes        Length of trailer, mm 7 585
                 Height of trailer, mm                    3 430
                 Width of trailer, mm 2 460
Volume, m3                    20
Auger, Diameter, mm                     420 / 520
Unloading height, mm 4 300
Unloading rate, t/min



Support of the drawbar hydraulically
Coupling with tractors, B.H.P. 120-150
Wheel size (makes width larger) 550/60- 22,5

Horizontal feed auger transports grain to vertical unloading auger that reloads it. Auger spirals are made of special steel produced by Tehnofer (Italy). The spirals are perfectly centered before installing, so that the grain is not exposed to damage. The augers are powered by the tractor PTO at 540/1000 rpm.

It is used for:

  • Transportation of grain from the combine and reloading it into the machine;
  • Loading of seeding machines;
  • Loading of BigBag.


  • Increasing of the combine threshing by 30% – combine does not stop and unloads grain while moving;
  • Working on the wet fi eld;
  • Reducing of seeding machine idle time under loading (the productivity of seeding machines increases up to 30% per shift);
  • Weighing of grain on the fi eld with the check issue or sending GPS data to a operator computer.


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