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The FARMER shredded material packing machine from Kobzarenko Sp. z o.o

Investing in silage in silos is much cheaper than in the construction of new silos. Technology - apart from the already mentioned benefits related to the reduction of losses and improvement of the feed quality - also means measurable financial results. First of all, because the machine depreciates quickly (approx. 2 years; for comparison, concrete silos approx. 25 years), which means that we do not freeze capital and do not incur enormous interest costs throughout the entire investment period! Thanks to this, the cost of preparing a ton of feed in the sleeves is 2-3 times lower than the cost of preparing 1 ton of silage in traditional concrete silos! And that means huge savings that can also be made in your company.

Characteristics Farmer
Screw diameter, mm 400
Productivity, t/h 350
Sleeve diameter, mm 2700
Overall dimensions
                length, mm 3 650
                width, mm 3 100
                height, mm 2 860
The tractor's essential power 250hp
Tires 16.5/70 KF
Own weight, kg 2085

The FARMER shredded material packing machine is the perfect device for filling plastic sleeves for harvesting. Knowledge of this technology, among others in Poland, has been going back at least 20 years. The sleeves specially created for this technology can be used to pack grain or plant material for silage. Thanks to agricultural machinery from Kobzarenko Sp. z o.o. it is possible to create anaerobic conditions for feed accumulation, which makes the fermentation process run properly. It is especially important in this case. In order to maintain the highest quality of the plant material stored in the sleeves, the oxygen supply should be completely minimized. The pursuit of this, namely maintaining the conditions of a minimum oxygen supply, will ensure a well-thought-out course of the decomposition process.


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