Beet loader

ATLANT trailer Beet loader

Atlant - reloading machine for beetroot

Used for:

  • transporting beetroot from the combine;
  • reloading beetroot into the truck;
  • Beet laying in a heap at the edge of the field.


  • Increasing productivity up to 30% of beet combine. Combine is unloading on the way without stop.
  • Beet laying in ideal heaps. Beet laying runs in parallel, which allows you to control the uniformity and height of the beetroot. In addition, parallel laying has advantages over laying by dump trailers or a car that pull out the track from which it is extremely difficult for the pick-up to collect the whole beets..
  • Safe laying of beetroots in nighttime;
  • Reduction of soil compaction. Low-pressure tires used on the Atlant semitrailers, which compact the soil several times less than the other trucks. In addition, the tractor semitrailer has a much better patency in the wet autumn field;
  • Reloading beetroot on the end of the field in other transport.

Front wall send beetroot on planar transporter, which driven by hydraulic motor from tractor hydraulic. Beetroot reloading machine has automatic sensor that stops the front wall in the case of overloading.


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